Other side of Memorial plaque for Shipwreck Sydney off Donegal coast in 1870, Port, Donegal, Ireland

List of sailors, Sydney Shipwreck Monument in Donegal

This is the other side of the monument. It contains the sailors names and where they were from.

Out of a crew of twenty one, only two survived. Four of them are buried at this spot.

“Here follows the nineteen men lost on the sydney.

James Hamilton, Arron.
Hugh Blair, Greenock.
Thomas Williams, Gloster.
John McNeil, Argyle.
James Barclay, Tyrone.
Albert C.C. Wertad, Norway.
John Smith, Jamaica.
Joseph Maria , Lisbon.
Robert Humphries, Birkenhead.
Alex Kindred, Sterling.
Thomas Gondie, Greenock.
Hernandez Mcdougall, Greenock.
John Kenealla, Kilrush.
Hugh M.Harman, Antrim.
Patrick Somers, Dundalk.
Patrick Burke, Kilrush.
Laurence Kenealla, Dublin.
THomas Davidson, London.
Alfred Pitman, London.

The two survivors were
William Pascall, West Indies
Patrick Faul, Kilrush.”

See the front of the monument here

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